Private Sexual Health Clinic in Manchester

We offer a range of sexual health services in our specialist private clinic in Didsbury, South Manchester. We have a range of instant sexually transmitted infection (STI) tests to choose from, many providing results in as little as ten minutes. In addition to our STI testing, we can also offer private, expert sexual health consultations and advice, which is completely confidential. We don’t inform your GP, or anyone else, and working from our private clinic in Didsbury, can offer you peace of mind, and swift, professional testing.

Our sexual health clinic is conveniently located in Didsbury, South Manchester. We are easy to reach from anywhere in Manchester, and offer a huge range of instant STI tests and sexual health information. We can offer appointments on the same day you call, or the next day, and our experienced practitioners are available 6 days a week to help with your sexual health testing.

Are you sexually active, had an unexpected sexual encounter, starting a new relationship, or just seeking peace of mind? Ultima Vitality sexual health clinic is here to help. A sexually transmitted infection, or STI, does not always display visible symptoms, and for this reason they can go untreated without proper testing. If you are concerned that your health may be at risk, we offer speedy and professional sexual health testing services, with a confidential sexual health consultation with a qualified doctor, efficient tests, results within 10-30 minutes, and on-site treatment at our clinic in Didsbury.

Confidential Sexual Health

Instant STI Tests (Results in 30 min)From
Chlamydia14 days
Gonorrhoea14 days
Syphilis14 days
Herpes Simplex I14 days
Herpes Simplex ll14 days
HIV28 days
Hepatitis B28 days
Hepatitis C28 days
1 Instant STI Test £120
Each additional test £50
Other tests available 

To book your appointment please call our qualified sexual health clinic team on 0161 434 7373. We’re based in Didsbury, and are easily accessible to our patients in Manchester and further afield.