The travel clinic service provided by Ultima Vitality is your one-stop destination for the most up to date travel health advice and the administration of necessary travel vaccinations. We have a team of fully trained and qualified health professionals that can advise you on and administer the most common types of vaccinations that are needed for travel.


If you are planning on travelling out of the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against diseases that can be found in the country you are preparing to visit. While childhood vaccinations protect us from various diseases such as tetanus, there are a number of infectious threats to your health that may be common in other countries. To protect and preserve your health, it is therefore important to get vaccinated against various travel related infections such as Hepatitis A or Typhoid before your trip.

Our fully trained health practitioners are always available with up-to date information on the country you are travelling to and have years of experience in administering vaccinations.

Some countries may even require you to provide proof of vaccinations against certain types of diseases as not only is it possible for a visitor to catch something that endangers their health, it is also sometimes possible for visitors themselves to bring in foreign infections. For example, countries such as Saudi Arabia as well as many parts of Africa and Latin America require that visitors be vaccinated to protect visitors as well as their residents from disease.

Crucially, as some treatments may require more than one visit to our clinic, it is vital to book your vaccinations as soon as possible to ensure you can fit in all the required jabs before you travel. However, we can also assist you with any last minute enquiries.

For travel or general vaccinations by our medical practitioners, get in touch with us here at Ultima Vitality and let us help you look after your health in preparation for your trip!

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